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Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally got out of Lusaka.

or How I Spent My Weekend: By Phil Nervig

a few pics, etc. to come, but I just had our little point and click because the other one died on us AND it wasn't a totally vacation safari weekend as I went down with a friend who owns the place while he checked out preparations for season opening on March 25.

But check out the website. If you come visit us, we'll hook you up. We know the owner!

Katherine and the boys stayed here while I rode down with Jason in one of his open topped safari trucks. 100 KM/H without a windshield is something. After 90 minutes on tarmac and another 90 or so on dirt/mud we got to a river that was too high to cross, left the truck at another lodge, and jumped in a boat for the final 20 kms.

Came out by boat today -- 2.5 hours on the river to get back to the tarmac. Must have seen about 150 elephants swimming and drinking along the banks of the Zambezi.

Very fun.


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