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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quiet, yes, but not boring

So we've been falling down a bit on the internet updates of our goings on here in lovely Lusaka, Zambia. It's not for a lack of activities, here, but we've fallen into a pretty basic routine of late, and we figure you, dear readers, are less interested in "we went swimming again today" blog updates.

But fun and new adventures are on the horizon.

For starters, our brand new (used) car is about to have an adventure by hopping a ship in Nagoya, Japan on January 29 and heading to Durban, South Africa. We bought a lovely little Toyota Hilux Surf. 1999 - 80,ooo KM. Silver, or something. After arriving in Durban in late February our little Surf (4Runner in the U.S. market) will likely sit alone and forlon in some bonded warehouse while our customs broker does nothing and we sit for another month or so waiting in Lusaka for our awesome new car.

Tomorrow morning I head to the airport to go to Johannesburg for three days of work. I arrive mid-afternoon and first order of business is to find a place, any place, that could possibly show the Vikings game at 1:30 Monday morning. Because there's no place I'd rather be out at 1:30 in the morning looking for bars showing American football than Johannesburg, South Africa.

The following week I have to go to Nairobi for work (rough, I know) so Katherine and the boys will follow a few days later and we're going to spend the weekend with the Benders, of Christmas 2007 fame.

So maybe we'll get a story and a picture or two out of the next few weeks and will share.

Oh, and Geoffrey is NOT coming to Lusaka next week, making him a definite loser.


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