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Saturday, February 13, 2010

An additional hazard on the golf course

So my conference ended on Friday at noon. At 12:30 I teed off. We were staying at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club afterall.

I was just crushing the ball, and credited the rental clubs with the added distance. By about the fourth hole I realized that, with Nairobi at about 5500 feet, it was the elevation that was helping, not the clubs. I did, however, get an eagle on hole 12. That was all me.

So the Windsor golf course is lousy with the monkeys. They are everywhere. Nuisance really, and such a nuisance that their actions are written into the rules. A monkey picks up your ball in the middle of the fairway and drops it behind a tree on the rough...too bad, you play your ball where it lies. Now if a monkey runs off entirely with your ball I believe you get relief and get to drop, but I'm not sure.

I almost found out what to do when this guy ran right by my ball. He stopped for a second, took a look, and kept on going...eyes on the prize as it were.

The prize being the succulent fruit in the bushes on the side of the rough. He got there and got to work eating.

The monkeys were everywhere. And they were the cool monkeys that basically launch themselves from tree to tree, landing on the flexible branches before launching themselves again. So as we walked down the fairway all around you would see monkeys in flight. Quite nice.

And not a one stole my golf ball. Which I thought was mighty nice of them.


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