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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The other monkeys

Introducing Pippa and Harper, who you first met back in Christmas 2007. Harp is 4 and Pippa 2. Jack had a good time playing with both, but REALLY took a liking to Harper. He continually tried to hold her hand and even asked her to dance at one point. As we were walking somewhere, Jack turned to Kevin and told him that he loved Harper and was going to marry her. I think Kevin thought it was cute, but because Jack was talking about his daughter...not that cute.

It was a case of unrequited love. Harper wasn't so interested in holding Jack's hand, dancing with him, or marrying him. She was, however, enamored with Sam, as was Pippa, who informed me upon my arrival that I had a baby named Sam and he was small and he could not walk. All true.

Pippa, Harper and Sam, with Jack being ignored over to the side. Sam doesn't know quite what to make of it, I think. Harp on the left, Pippa on the right.

They did work well together to make strawberry muffins.

And Jack got to learn how girls go to the bathroom in the yard.

Jack was particularly impressed with how Pippa peed without pulling her pants down AT ALL!

All in all, and educational weekend.


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