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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas weekend

Jack and Sam relaxing on the back stoop with Olipa and Tisi.

Sam went swimming today for the first time. Feet in, crying. But a bit more time and he was splashing around like a champ.

They had a christmas bazaar at Jack's school where kids could go in and adults would help them pick out gifts. Jack went in and picked out a gift for me. Nothing for Katherine. Take THAT!

Anyway, Jack brought home a wrapped gift in early December and proceeded to say the gift was for me, and that it was a wooden crocodile. We tried to impress upon him the need for secrecy, to keep the surprise until I actually opened the gift. It didn't work. He told me about the wooden crocodile a half a dozen times in the few weeks leading to Christmas.

Anyway, Christmas morning and I opened up the gift. And guess what?!?!?!

It was a wooden crocodile.... and some rum-raisin chocolate.

It's the thought that counts.

The christmas spirit.


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