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Monday, December 21, 2009

School's out

As of last week, Jack is on a month-long holiday from school. Before he left, though, there was a school assembly. My first, and I think it kind of represents our entry into the next phase of our life as parents.

We sat up in the stands, camera in hand, waiting for Jack's class to take their turn on stage. Alas, our good camera was acting up so we used our little point and shoot with no zoom. As such...

That's Jack, 5th from the right. Best we could get of his first official assembly. Bad parents, we.

After the assembly I went to work and Katherine hung out at school for a holiday party in the classroom and the playground.

Jack and his friend Keira driving some sort of playground equipment/vehicle commonly found at parks in the developing world. It must have been part of Soviet propaganda back in the day, because they are found everywhere except, it seems, the U.S. and western Europe.

Later, Jack took the opportunity to take a peek up Keira's skirt on the slide.

Jack's buddy Rudiger is the product of an American mom and Zambian/German dad. He and Jack play well together, so of course Rudiger is moving to Germany in two weeks.

Anyway, Jack loves school.


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