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Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Evening -- Baby still likes the womb

So no news on the baby front. I'm convinced that the baby will be born on the 18th.

And why?

Because I say so, that's why (I'm practicing for fatherhood).

We celebrated not having a baby by going out for mexican food at Senor Pico, just down the street in the Rembrandt Hotel.

In other news, Jak has yet to return. He's now been away a week. Katherine is holding out hope, and everyone is telling her that Jak will probably come home at some point. I'm less sanguine about the whole thing.

Although word is definitely out in Vientiane. Vone and I passed out flyers with a picture of Jak and Vone's phone number, and we are getting feedback (even though I think most people are a bit amused at the lengths to which we are going to find a cat). Vone has been called about a cat two times so far. The first from a Lao guy who lives a few KM away from us, the second from the police at the police box at the Burmese Embassy near our house.

Unfortunately neither call turned out to be about Jak. Surprising how many lost black and white, male, neutered cats there are running around Vientiane.


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