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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Well, that was a bust...

...or to be more precise, not a bust.

Katherine woke me up this morning to report that she thought her water broke. My reaction was less than fully supportive, I fear, as I groaned and inquired whether that meant I had to get up, or if I could possibly sleep a little longer.

After snapping this picture, she made me get up. Bitch!

Without going into the gory details, there was reason to believe that Katherine's water had broken. So we got ready, got packed up, had a little breakfast, and went off to see Dr. Sankiat. He declared her amniotic sack intact and sent us home again.

I'm thrilled. I mean, I'd be happy to have the kid come at any time, of course, but I just got here. We need a few days to relax (and shop for shorts for me, see previous post) before our world is turned upside down.


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