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Friday, November 10, 2006


I went home last night to pack, including all the stuff Katherine asked me to bring that was scattered around the house, only to find that a nearby fire had knocked out our power. So, headlamp on, I scoured the house to find the lint brush, the travel scrabble, some CDs, a medicine bag, our marriage certificate, etc.

I was successful in finding everything she wanted. What I didn't pack was shorts. I'm an idiot.

Katherine in the Nervig Bangkok headquarters.

At her doctor's appointment today Katherine learned that she actually dropped a bit of weight this week, which means two things: 1) weight stabilization generally takes place about 8-14 days prior to giving birth, so we are on track; and 2) time for a root beer float.

Our humble abode.

37th floor, beautiful views of the city, and of the executive at UBC (Thai cable) arriving and departing their headquarters next door via helicopter each day. Not a bad way to commute given the traffic in Bangkok. Given the traffic situation, we are very happy that the Emporium is about a 5 minute drive down a side street from Samitivej.


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