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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ants and Elephants

On Friday Jack's class put on a performance with the other classes from the Early Learning Center at the American Int'l School.

They started out with a lovely little song about Ants (I think). Jack was ant #3, or something.

Next up. Elephants. It was a song about an elephant playing on a spiderweb and having so much fun that he invited more, More, MORE elephants to join him.

Jack was elephant #1, so, in a sense, he had a solo.

Jack's start turn as elephant #1.

He called each elephant out in turn -- all the while walking around, elephant-like, on the stage.

Note the cool elephant trunk.

The third song was about hammering with one hammer, then two, then three, then four. Then the kids went on strike, or something.

This was Jack and Keira on strike.

And after three songs, and other songs and "plays" by the other classes, a three-year old boy starts to get bored.

After the final bows were taken and the furious clapping had subsided, Jack and Keira put on an impromptu show of their own.

Helmet hair from the first picture gone as of Saturday morning.


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