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Friday, December 11, 2009

Jack, Santa. Santa, Jack

So we had the embassy Christmas party today at the Ambassador's house. Santa made an appearance. Jack was quite excited. He ran in circles for a while in the yard until he settled down enough to join the rest of the kids on the floor.

Then, as Santa started passing out presents, Jack yelled Santa's name about every 10 seconds until Santa finally paid attention to him. Jack just wanted to say hi.

Very exciting, and better this year than last, when Jack saw Santa changing clothes and noticed that it was daddy. Maybe now that he has seen Santa and daddy in the same room he'll stop talking about daddy being Santa. I always tell him I was just being Santa's helper, but he's pretty sure I'm Santa. Until today, hopefully.

He also jumped in to sing Jingle Bells with some of the bigger kids.

Christmas time in Zambia.

And when we got back home, our power was out. Christmas time in Zambia.


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