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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A highly dubious premise

Yeah, I know, it's a cartoon for kids, but for those who have seen Happy Feet, isn't it just a bit silly?

I'm all for anthropomorphism. I mean, a monkey in a sailor suit serving drinks at a bar would be a dream come true for me.

But really, a baby penguin who is ostracized for not having a good singing voice and instead liking tap dance?

I just don't know if I can get on board.

Update: You know, it's as if someone got high, then watched Moulin Rouge and March of the Penguins back to back and thought - "Hey, if I lose the prostitution, and throw in a bit of Footloose, I think we'll have a winner of a kids' cartoon."

I think we might "lose" this DVD.

Katherine is out, by the way, so Sam has chosen tonight to scream...not cry, scream...for going on 75 minutes. I finally just put him down in the room and left to put Jack to bed and he piped down for the past 20 minutes. Winding up for a good cry again, though.


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