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Friday, November 06, 2009

Jack's friend Rocko

We arrived in Lusaka on Monday, October 19 and the first few days Katherine and the boys kind of hung around the house. Jet lag, a lack of transport, etc. kept them pretty homebound. And we had our suitcases and nothing more, so there wasn't much to do.

Then, about day 3 Jack got pink eye, so he was further isolated....purposely...from other kids.

That Saturday afternoon we were hanging out in the back yard and Jack came up with a huge paving stone and said

"You see this big rock? It's my new friend."

We decided we needed to get Jack out and interacting with kids ASAP.

He has since left Rocko behind (Katherine helped him name him, I think. I'm not sure he would have come up with that on his own.

But here he is that first week with his only friend in Zambia (at the time).


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