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Sunday, November 15, 2009


This guy is on the INSIDE of the screen, by the way.

In other lizard-related news, Katherine called me in to the bedroom last night to tell me that a gecko was caught in the mosquito net on our bed and could I please get him out, like, right NOW! While extricating said gecko from our delightful mosi net, I reminded Katherine that we lived with geckos and other lizardy-type creatures for two years in Laos. She had forgotten, it seems.

Jack's mosi net is refreshingly lizard free...thus far.

Sam doesn't have his own mosi net yet. We basically put him on the floor next to our bed (in a baby-sized bed) and he cadges a bit of net from us. But his brother decided to be a human blanket yesterday and was able to both keep Sam warm and keep him safe from mighty lizards while they lounged in the yard.


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