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Sunday, November 08, 2009


There's a private game park about 25 KM outside of town. We've been talking with Jack about all the animals we'd see in Africa for about a year so we figured we'd better get out and see some animals before the rains come with their safari park closing full force.

Jack was excited to get going.

A particular favorite animal of Jack's is quite common at Chaminuka. When I went in August I probably saw 12.

Not lions.

The lions are separated from the non-predators and are in their own enclosure, so that seems a bit more zoo-like. But you are really just separated by some chicken-wire type wall, so it's a bit less zoo-like than a real zoo.

Not elephants.

Chaminuka has a family of three elephants, and just introduced one more female that was at another private park where they offered elephant rides until the elephant became too aggressive and hurt some guests or something and it was transferred to Chaminuka -- where rides are not offered.

Not Sable.

The Sable are one of the cooler african antelopes. They are supposedly a big hunting trophy antelope as well. Back in the day, they were considered a "royal" animal, and only people of a certain rank in society were able to hunt them during the early colonial period.

Not marabou storks.

The storks were EVERYWHERE. Hundreds of them. The Massai apparently took their traditional dance (the jumping and whatnot) from the marabou mating dance.

Note the animal on Jack's shirt. He was REALLY looking for a giraffe. Since he started talking he has maintained that giraffes are his favorite animal.

There are more than 50 giraffes in the relatively small game park. We saw none. As we were heading back, we recounted all the animals that we saw. Elephants, lions, zebras, warthogs, baboons, monkeys, monitor lizards, and numerous types of antelope.

Jack turned and said "just one more to see...giraffes."

When we told him that we weren't going to get to see one today he was heartbroken. But he recovered, and was able to give a thumbs up to the day.

Sam stayed home with Olipa so we could have a special day with Jack. I doubt a two month old would really appreciate the game drive anyway.


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