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Monday, November 02, 2009

First photo

A part of our backyard leading to the patio. It only took me 9 tries to get it uploaded. As such, this is it for now. Enjoy it.
Oh, and we learned that we have a mango tree, a guava tree, an orange tree and a lemon tree in our yard. And rose bushes surround about 1/3 of the house.
And we just got a new pump for our pool so it should be swimmable in about a week...after we get it cleaned, get the ph normalized, chlorine shock it, and use pool acid to clean off the calcified gunk on the sides. Luckily we just hired Joseph, our new gardener, who is excited to get started on all of that.
And yes, Jack is thrilled that Joseph shares a name with his cousin. And his new friend Ben shares a name with his other cousin. Haven't met any other people who share cousins' names, but the week isn't over.


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