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Thursday, November 05, 2009


Part of our back yard and the back of the house.

Not pictured: Our mango tree, our guava tree, our lemon tree.
Our very dirty pool...and the pool guy.

I am advocating cutting back the greenery on the fence separating the yard from the pool. A: It would open up the yard and allow us to see into the pool area, and B: the greenery is kind of ratty. Katherine counters that it is bougainvillea, and therefore beautiful and flowery when not ratty, and it is the end of the dry season, so the bougainvillea should be quite beautiful in a few days or weeks once the rains come.
Update: It just started raining, so I guess we'll see how the bougainvillea looks sooner rather than later. And yes, I do realize that I posted a picture almost identical to the one of the house a few days ago and mentioned our fruit End Update.

The actual pool guy at the embassy (they get the pool ready, then we're on our own...pool care and feeding manual please) came and decided that the relative filth of the pool meant it was easier to drain, then clean, then re-fill, then treat the it is now empty.
We should be swimming by next Wednesday.


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