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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pissed off Minnesotans

For Children of Norway, a Rift With the Mother Country *

What's got the (admittedly few) Minnesotans interviewed so angry (well, as angry as Minnesotans get, I guess)?

The beloved Norwegian Consulate in Minneapolis is closing (gasp!).

But, but, who will represent Norway at the annual smorgasbord at Concordia Norwegian Language Camp in Bemidji? Who will represent Norway at the annual Syttende Mai parade in Northfield? Who will be the official judge of the annual meatball and lutefisk bake off in Long Prairie (most controversial comment last year? 'Oh, very spicy, very, very spicy. You used black pepper didn't you.').

It's a travesty, I tell you. And a conspiracy.

I don't know how Minnesota can go on without a Consulate most people probably never knew existed.

*to avoid a simpering e-mail later, I acknowledge receipt of this article from Geoffrey Knoell.


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