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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Technology is cool

So yesterday evening I was watching my cousin Maia (update: photo #18, not the officials) play soccer for Concordia College in a game in Eau Claire, Wisconsin via streaming video, e-mailing with another cousin (and older sister of Maia), Brit, about said game, which she was watching from a coffee shop in Denver, and using Skype to talk to Michael and Mary Beth as they drove around Washington, DC, all at the same time.

All from my apartment in Kyiv.

Now, I may be something of a luddite. I mean, I haven't even spent 24 hours camped out in line to buy an iPhone. But still, pretty cool.

Sadly, Maia and her team went down to defeat 1-2 to a bunch of cheaters from Carthage College.


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