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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Semper Fi

Mostly blurry, but maybe that is apt. It was a party, afterall.

November 10 was the 232nd Anniversary of the US Marine Corps. Marines around the world celebrate by throwing a party. Marines, besides being kick-ass in general, are also tasked with protecting Embassies around the world. The Marine Security Guards' first task; provide classified information.

So, as I understand it, if there is a terrorist, a Marine, a classified document and me in the room, the Marine ensures that the classified doesn't fall into the hands of the terrorist as the terrorist chokes me.

That said, they provide invaluable security for embassies. It is a great example of inter-agency cooperation.

In Kyiv, the Marines celebrated tonight. Katherine and I attended our first Marine Ball.

For whatever reason, the photo didn't really turn out. But you get the idea. Most men wear a tuxedo. I don't own one. I was one of the losers wearing a suit.

One of my colleagues is a retired Marine. 22 years in, including the initial Iraq invasion in 2003. Now a civilian. But, once a Marine, always a Marine.

Camera now in my hand, somehow the picture isn't so blurry. Is it my deft photography skills, or the beauty surrounding colleague Lewis that made the picture turn out? Hard to say.

Bond...Lewis Bond.


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