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Monday, October 29, 2007

Lviv, Continued

A throwback to Soviet times? I guess back in the day Beatles LPs were surreptitiously traded along with samizdat. Now the LPs are on sale in squares. But seriously, LPs?

This was a little used book market set up in a little square that we walked through. Too much on the ground for Jack to grab, so we kept moving.

Love is all around. Both on Saturday and Sunday, everywhere we went there were wedding parties taking photos. By the Taras Shevchenko statue, in Market Square, in the Italian House. Everywhere. Lots of people getting married in Lviv these days.

A new wrinkle to our traveling ways....timeouts for playgrounds.

And plenty of stops in cafes to have snacks.

One for Jack...

...and one for me.

Even as an only child, Jack is a very generous boy...


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