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Monday, October 29, 2007

Lviv, Continued

Where else would one stay in Lviv, Ukraine, but the Hotel Vienna (Wien)? It's the cream building in the background. Just off the main Market Square. Very nice...well, nice anyway, plus good breakfast at the cafe of the same name downstairs.

The aforementioned market square. It is what it says it is. A big, central square, lined by beautiful 17th and 18th century houses, many of which have been given a nice facelift, and many of which are now museums. I was once again catapulted back to 1992 when we entered one place and had to slip little moccasins on our shoes to protect the wooden floors. I had flashbacks to 1992, Marty and I skating around palaces in St. Petersburg.

Lviv is named for some guy's son named Lev, which means Lion. As such, lions everywhere. Like on buildings.

Cobblestone makes it tricky for someone new to walking to keep his balance. But it sure is fun.


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