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Sunday, October 28, 2007


A lovely weekend in an equally lovely town in Western Ukraine. Touted as Prague 10 years ago by some, a town similar to Krakow, Poland by others. Why can't it just be Lviv, I say. Either way, it was a great weekend. We were lucky with the weather and enjoyed just kind of wandering down the cobblestone streets. Jack makes everything take a bit longer, and also requires us to make many pit stops for playing, napping, and eating, so it's a bit of a relaxed schedule.

Don't mind it a bit.

The old city in the background, taken from the Visokyy Zamok (high castle).

We went by overnight train on Friday night. 10:20 pm departure. Jack went to bed at 8:00, got up again at 9:20 to catch the train. He did a good job.

Trains in this part of the world require certain provisions. We arrived at the station in time to load up. I was taken back to 1992, riding trains most weekends from St. Petersburg to wherever. First always a purchase of vodka, champagne, water and bread to keep us fortified through the long night. I was much younger then, and able to bounce back quicker. Self-control is a much more important attribute these days.

Okay, I didn't have a lot of that on hand.

Jack had his own bottle to drink. He went to bed next door while Diana and Alan's compartment was the party room.

More pictures later. Now time for bed.


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