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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Is here. There it is, five flights down.

5 flights up the stairs. We felt sorry for the guys. Not bad enough to lug boxes, though. What is becoming a pretty regular occurence, our house full of boxes. The only new wrinkle is Alan Wilson peaking around the corner. He arrived this morning, Diana this afternoon.

Jack got into the swing of things, helping to move things around. Thankfully, the grandparents took him away to the park while the real work was done.

He was glad to be reunited with his good friend, Buddha.

Tomorrow the living room curtains come down. Tuesday the living room and entryway get painted, later next week the woman comes to figure out new curtains. Pretty soon we'll have a real home here. We just need our heat to be turned on now.


At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did you get the Buddha? Saw some good stuff at the Morning Market the other day, but am afraid I will get taken for a ride.

Jack's getting big. One of these days signing in with google will work and make sense to me.



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