Life on the Mekong and Other Rivers

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Monday, April 30, 2007


Work tomorrow. Catching the 7:10 am shuttle to FSI.

On the upside, we are in our own 'home' of sorts. Home for the next five months at least. And we've got some friends and colleagues staying at the same complex.

Grandma Marilyn is also in residence to take up some babysitting duties.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Jack is getting his first tooth. Bottom left front. We didn't even know until today, when it popped through, although he has been chewing on just about everything lately.

Exhibit one. Hands grab...hands to mouth as he sits with Grandma Bonnie.

Monday, April 23, 2007

What is this, romper room?

Austin, Texas. Turns out the place is full of kids.

Katherine's college friend reunion at Wendy and Jay's place in Texas. Actually, at the Owner's Club at Barton Creek, courtesy of Jay's parents who have a time share there. And, because of a mix up at check in, Jay, Chris and I got a free round of golf at an incredible course. 5 hours on the course, no kids. Just beer, and really bad golf.

The kids stayed back at the house.

What would a visit to Texas be without a little barbecue. The Salt Lick ("Where animals congregate for something good to eat") proved to be the place. We all pretty much ate our birth weight in ribs, brisket and sausage.

Even some of the kids got in on the act. Jack, lamentably, is still on a liquid diet.

The barbecue pit.

Visitors down south

We didn't lack for friends on the beach. Each visitor had a minimum 'hold Jack' time allotment per day.

First up, Kent and Meghan (and Meghan's belly, due in June).

Grandma Diana

And Grandpa Alan...he of the tasty head.

Astri and Rick and friends. Kind enough to leave us all their extra booze when they left. But seriously, Jack Daniels?

Kim and Matt. So very tired.

Jon and Rose, our Vientiane friends, now in St. Paul, arriving in time to celebrate Lao New Year with us. It wasn't Vientiane, but it was nice.

This horse, who took it upon himself to kick the crap out of Jon and Rose's rented motorbike.

A nap on the beach turns into an opportunity to mock Phil.

And finally, Gunner.

Good times....good times.

We think we're signing up for 3 or 4 weeks on the beach next time home leave comes around.

16 full days. Here's what we did.

The beach.

The pool.

The pool.

The beach.

The beach.

And so on.

Home Leave with Jackson...


Chilling at the beach in his very own lil' nursery sun tent.

The boy is advancing quickly. He's a fan of Corona.

And he likes to eat books.

What, are you kidding? We got us a family here!*

Back in New York after our 22 day tour of parts south. More later.

*Raising Arizona, for Katherine and others who don't know quality film quotes.