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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Danger at every turn

So we just got back from a harrowing visit to Cape Town. We couldn't turn around without facing some new and horrific risks.

The first one, sure, I can see the danger. We were, after all at a Lion conservation center (or something) in Stellenbosch, the best-known wine area of South Africa and home to some delicious whites and reds.

Okay, so the second one. Yes, baboons could be dangerous. Mostly they are either skittish around humans or so acclimated to humans that they will basically walk up to you and steal a sandwich out of your hand.

But they are kind of all over the place. How do you know when they are around?

How do you know when to beware?

How do you know when to be... OH MY GOD!

But seriously, birds? Really? Birds?

Okay, so ostriches have a nasty kick and they have those tough feet or claws or whatever. But my dad rode one in a race at a rodeo when he was a kid so they must not be the most dangerous creatures around. And again, they are birds. Just really, really big birds.

But you've really got to be kidding with this one. Do penguins have teeth? Do they chase you down and attack you?

Mind you, the African penguins we saw were about calf high, maybe knee-high at best. Not too scary.

Truth be told, one did bite Sam. Sam was waddling after a penguin as we left the beach and the penguin must have thought he had food. Sam was pointing, the penguin bit him on the finger.

Sam is 18 months old. Sam was not hurt. Sam did not cry. Sam was a bit perplexed but seemed to find the whole thing somewhat amusing.

I think they could do away with the penguin warning.

Although I'm not quite sure why this activity did NOT/NOT come with a warning of some kind...


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