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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Calling Laos

For anyone who wants to call us for $0.10 per minute, check this out.

use dropdown box to go to "laos"

The third one down is the one we tried. It's 10 cents a minute with no other charges.

It's called IDT Super Quick Pinless Call Phone Card. After you buy it online, you get an e-mail with the access number and pin (and instructions, etc.). I've checked it out. The company is a member of the Nevada Better Business Bureau with 1 complaint since 2001 which was resolved (according to the BBB website).

And I called Laos on it and it was indeed 10 cents a minute.

Small price to pay to talk with two such wonderful people.

Now, as for a phone number to call us at, we'll get back to you once we have one.