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Friday, March 02, 2007

Light blogging

Not much going on.

Our stuff is gone,

Bye stuff, see you in Kiev.

I'm sick, and I have a visitor from Washington until the 8th.

Tomorrow not a day off for me.

Sunday to Luang Prabang, Monday night in Nong Khiaw, visiting UXO Lao operations around Nong Khiaw and Nam Bak. Lots of bombing there on the road to Vietnam during the war.

Katherine shouldering the load that is our wonderful child.

A little story time featuring Ferdinand the bull that was too much of a wussy to fight, or something like that.

A couple more.

And a somewhat dark video.

Alright, that's it.

12 days to go..still so very sad, but exciting.


At 1:44 AM, Anonymous Shawn said...

Congrats on the successful packout. We're getting close to the same bit of fun.

By the way, it's Kyiv now. Try to keep up.


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