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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The heat has arrived in Vientiane

Tennis this morning was draining. Our fancy schmancy stroller told me that it was 98 degrees at 10:00 am as I was walking with Jack to play tennis (Katherine was already there). It can tell us all sorts of things in addition to the temperature, like the time, the distance travelled, and the current price of corn on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. At least I assume it can tell us that. It is a very smart stroller.

I came home in the car after tennis and Katherine and Jack walked. Katherine had the keys. So I cleaned out the car and started washing the outside. Our guard was having none of it...that's his job. Not really, but the guards generally do things like wash the car, water the lawn, etc. to pass the time and stay awake, especially at night.

Katherine and Jack arrived and Jack was sleeping, so he got his fingernails cut. About a week ago, Katherine cut a little to short and Jack's thumb bled for a while. Katherine felt very bad. Jack didn't seem to care at all.


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