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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stuff...lots and lots of stuff

I guess it takes a big move to really realize just how much stuff you really have.

We've been going through things in advance of our packout. We've four choices for stuff; send to Ukraine, send to Washington, take with us for home leave, or give away.

Yesterday was clothes, and it is amazing the amount of clothes we have. A disgusting amount, actually. We're all talk right now about remembering this moment, about realizing that we don't really NEED that new shirt, pair of shoes, purse, etc. We'll see how that actually plays out.

Whatever. Who needs like 35 pairs of socks and 20+ t-shirts anyway? It's sick. Granted, I never throw stuff out, but still. I think I've worn about 25% of my clothes in the past two years. I blame Vone. She does the laundry far too often.

Next up. Books.

Packout is scheduled for Feb. 26 and 27.


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