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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back from Luang Prabang

Here's a bit of what we did just outside Nong Khiaw (where I was with Luther and we were with Ari and Jennine back in the fall of 2005).

Inspecting a bombie found on a 10,000 sq. meter site being cleared by UXO Lao. They've found four so far, and will finish clearing the land on the 7th. It will be used for an orchard once cleared.

The team leader showing us around. The Nam Ou is just behind him, and the town of Nong Khiaw at the left of the big karst.

One of the deminers on the site.

2 of 4 bombies (cluster bomb units) found on the site go away.

And the other 2 here. You can still see the smoke from the first two. Note the proximity to a school. The kids were all playing in the schoolyard until just before the detonations, at which point UXO Lao team members went down and ushered them inside. They also asked the soldiers playing Patonque next door to go inside as well. Loudspeaker announcements announced to all in the area that a detonation was coming. Then the explosions, four in succession. The team goes to check that all four bombies were destroyed, then after they announced all clear and all the kids came back out to play.


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