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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday afternoon at Kung's Cafe

This morning I played tennis with the new Australian Clinic doctor (new about 5 months ago, anyway). At the temple down the street the monks were chanting. Makes for peaceful tennis.

Afterwards, we all went to one of our favorite breakfast spots, Kung's Cafe. Kung and Daen run the place. Sticky rice pancake with bananas for me, with mangos for Katherine.

It's down the end of a small alleyway in a nice little neighborhood near the river. Very serene, and a nice way to recuperate from tennis.

Daen and Jack. Daen is a bit of an entrepreneur. She is now organizing cooking classes for small groups at the cafe. So if you want to learn how to make Laap, Tam Mak Hung, Khao Soi or Pho, Daen is the woman to talk to.

Tonight Katherine is making Thanksgiving dinner. We had a turkey in the freezer that never got used over Christmas, so we're having people over tonight to help us get rid of it. Part of our de-cluttering campaign before we pack out in early March. A turkey probaby wouldn't survive the six months our stuff will be in storage before we arrive in Kiev.


At 2:02 AM, Anonymous Bragi said...

Tha sounds like a nice place to visit and have something to eat at. I will do so when I will be there,thanks for the info :)


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