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Monday, January 15, 2007

Muang Sui

We stopped at a roadside restaurant next to a small lake to get something to eat. All they had on offer was duck noodle soup. Noone was interested, so we decided to head on down the road. Before we did, however, the owner showed me her still out back. They were making Lao whiskey for personal consumption and for sale. We passed.

As we were getting ready to find a new place to eat, a young ethnic Phuan boy came walking by with his parents. He was proudly carrying his bow and some practice arrows. Flat-nosed, no arrowheads.

I asked him if he shot birds with his bow and he proudly said yes! I asked if he was a good shot and he proudly said yes! Then his father laughed, and continued walking down the road.

His mom followed his dad, and he went running after. Dad carrying his young sibling, mom carrying a heavy load of firewood. Seems fair.

We finally found a good meal back in Phonsavan at the Sangaa restaurant. Jack and Mali, again, had a meal as well.


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