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Monday, January 15, 2007

It's cold in Xieng Khuang. One of the few items of warm clothing Jack has is a sweater that I wore when I was his age. That and orange pants.

The Auberge is, as Katherine said repeatedly, kind of like a Swiss chalet. Each cabin has a fireplace, and the restaurant has two. Dinner on Saturday was nice, as there were few other guests, and Jack and Mali pretty much slept through the whole thing.

We had a great meal, then came time for dessert. Chocolate Souffle or Bananas Flambe. Plus ice cream. Goht asked for the bananas with ice cream. Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream were our choices, the nice man said. Vanilla, said Goht. Two scoops of chocolate for me. I'm sorry, we don't have chocolate said the nice man.

But you just said...oh, never mind. Any other flavors besides vanilla? Nope, said the nice man, just vanilla. Nothing for me then. Souffle for Katherine.

So Goht's bananas flambe came with a great big scoop of delicious...chocolate ice cream. Katherine's souffle came with...chocolate chip ice cream.

Wait, I asked for vanilla ice cream, said Goht. I'm sorry, we don't have vanilla, said the nice man.

I decided it was time for another glass of wine.

Jack's other warm clothing also showed some hometown pride. We decided it was time for the family to represent on Sunday during our trip about 50KM from Phonsavan to Muang Sui, an area with caves, lakes, and other various stuff. Brooklyn in the house...


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