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Monday, January 15, 2007

Travels with Jack

So the taxi drivers at the domestic terminal in Vientiane were entertained by Jack and Mali. They, like most people, asked whether Jack and Mali were twins. Duh, they're a month apart.

My new life...extra baggage.

We stayed at the Phou Phadeng Auberge. Third time for me. When we arrived, Katherine and Goht (in the background) took in the view of the valley around Phonsavan while giving Jack and Mali a little meal.

We hired a van for the weekend. They picked us up at the airport on arrival. They, because a guide came with the van. Yeng Tor, a lovely man with passable English and plenty of stories, some believable, others more fable than fact. He mostly just spoke Lao to us, which was better. Entertaining all around.

We headed to Jar site one, near the airport, on Saturday afternoon. Yeng Tor told us that the jars were used for pretty much every thing that people have ever speculated they were used for. Goht and Katherine were captivated.

The Baby Bjorn people can call us if they want rights to this picture. Baby Bjorn, it's everywhere you want to be...or something like that.


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