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Sunday, January 07, 2007

It really ties the room together...

The Dude knew what he was talking about. A nice rug really makes a difference. And so far, this one doesn't have any pee on it. Our bank account a bit lighter, we are now the proud owners of a handmade silk rug.

Being silk, it picks up light differently depending on which way the silk strands are laying and which way the light hits it. It looks lighter from one direction, darker from another. This is the light version. Without flash photography, it is actually a much darker maroon or chocolate color.

We picked up the rug last night, a part of our big night out without Jack. Vone came over and babysat while we a) picked up the rug, b) went to a lovely dinner and c) went to a Jazz concert by Trio Chicago and Friends at the National Cultural Hall.

I attended an event at the Ambassador's residence the night before where they played an acoustic set in a more intimate setting. It was very good, so I thought we could skip the planned massage for a night of Jazz. It's not often we get that opportunity here, less so now that we have our little friend Jack to contend with.

Speaking of which...someone has decided it's time to complain.


At 2:06 AM, Anonymous Bragi said...

LOL: That movie was one of the bewst I have seen.
and this is a cool rug dude :)


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