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Friday, December 15, 2006

A day of victories

Victory #1.

This morning Jack had his 1 month checkup at Samitivej and was declared healthy. He's gained about 2.3 pounds from his birth weight, and is just about average height and weight, but has a larger than average melon head. Katherine was declared healthy as well, so this afternoon we headed to the Embassy medical center and they were cleared to return to Laos.

Because Katherine was on what is called a 'medical evacuation' from Laos, she has to get official department clearance to return.

So we are now set to go home on Sunday. Very nice, although we will miss the luxury of being able to spend so much time together, as I am heading back to work on Monday and will be very busy over the next two weeks.

Victory #2

Jack sleeping. This is actually a small victory that we repeat multiple times daily, but it always feels like a victory when he falls asleep and STAYS ASLEEP once we put him down. The dude likes to be held.

Victory #3

Jack and his pacifier. Very soothing, for his temperament and our sanity. He's actually a pretty even-tempered kid, but can let loose sometimes. So the pacifier is yet another weapon to use in our Global War on Crying. We've got the criers on the run.


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