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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The weekend at Sausage Tree

Simply awesome 24 hours in camp.

Lionesses and cubs (just the one lioness here). But a few of them were being chased by elephants when we came on the scene. It was a bit chaotic. Seems the lions had killed a baby elephant a few nights before and, as you know, an elephant never forgets...especially after only two days.

Protecting the babies. We weren't such a threat but at least the bigger ellies were at the ready while the little guy ran away.

Leopard. We actually saw 2 leopards. Doin' it! It was pretty cool. This was the dude, post-coital.

Hippos, hippos everywhere.

Sarah Ford and her new husband, Spence, are arriving October 21 for their fancy-pants honeymoon. We're completely jazzed, as we were unable to get to Boulder for their wedding in August. So we'll hang with them in Zambia instead. Hoping to get back to STC with them for a weekend.


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