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Monday, September 20, 2010

Insufferable Do-Goodery

So I'm going to go tearing around the bush in some random part of Zambia in a truck with a team of people and will probably get lost and will likely have to fight a black mamba with my bare hands and will definitely get bit and stung by lots of bugs to raise money for wildlife conservation in Zambia. It's called the Elephant Charge (yes, patterned after the Rhino Charge in Kenya).

So we go tearing around in the bush and you sponsor my team by giving me money to do so. Then, 100% of that money goes to ensure that elephants and giraffes and leopards and lions and whatnot are well-protected and conserved and not poached so that you can see them when you come to visit us. It's win-win.

Send me a message if you are a good person and want to sponsor me. Our team needs to represent -- they raised the most money last year. Info on the event is below.

I'll take anything, even fatcat corporate sponsorship like some of my friends get for the Rhino Charge. Animals in Zambia need love too.

Or, I think you can donate through paypal by clicking here:

Update: Cool, the donate button totally worked.


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