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Monday, August 02, 2010

About that vacation

So I promised interesting anecdotes and pictorial evidence of our delightful four weeks (six for Katherine and the boys) time in the U.S.

And yes, it's been two weeks. So now here goes.

So Katherine and the boys spent a week in Rensselaerville with Diana and Alan. Stephen and Bonnie and Christian and Meredith and many other friends and family, including three of Jack and Sam's cousins, were kind enough to make the trip to see them.

We all met up in Minnesota and headed up to Luther and Marilyn's cabin with Jack and Sam's other cousins (and their families) for some fun in the sun on Kabekona lake. We fished, we swam, we hiked, we napped. It was lovely.

Katherine and I left Jack and Sam at the cabin and headed to DC for five nights sans kids. It was, in a word, heavenly. Don't get me wrong. We love our kids. But it was very nice to meet up with friends for delicious sushi, Mexican, Italian, Thai and other dinners and lunches without chasing around kids. We headed back to the cabin for another week refreshed and renewed and ready to be good parents again.

Then we spent a few days catching up with friends in Minneapolis.

To round out a wonderful vacation, we flew to London and stayed with Amanda, Blair and their kids and got a chance to meet up with our friends Rick and Pia. A great four days of parks, aquariums, double decker buses and the tube.

Oh, did I mention that our camera with all of our as yet not downloaded pictures from our great trip disappeared from our yard on Saturday? No, I guess I didn't. Katherine was playing in the yard with the boys (I was at a work thing...on a dedicated) when Sam needed a diaper change. So she hustled everyone in to the house, made the change, and then they got on to other things. Turns out, she left the camera sitting on our fancy new trampoline in our yard.

The next morning, I asked where the camera was. She said "Oh, I left it outside" so we went out to get it and it was gone. We've searched the house high and low and no camera. Searched the yard. No camera.

The sucky part is that, besides us, there were only five people in our yard on Saturday. All of them work for us, are the daughter of someone who works for us, or is the friend of the daughter of someone who works for us. So we've made inquiries without accusations, but have to face the fact that its probably long gone. We have our suspicions, and we are quite sure who DIDN'T do it, but we have no proof.

And, sadly, we have no vacation pictures.



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