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Thursday, June 03, 2010


On Saturday we visited a village just outside Livingstone that is set up to receive visitors so we could satisfy Luther's desire to see traditional life in Zambia without barging into unsuspecting people's lives.

The village is relatively well off. It has three bore holes, afterall, so plenty of water for all within easy walking distance.

And the kids looked healthy and happy.

Most people in the village live in traditional mud houses. We learned that after each rainy season people have to do some work to repair their houses. Mud house + torrential rains = less mud house.

A kitchen.

Cooking up some relish for an nshima snack.

After our village visit we headed 15 KM over to the Royal Livingstone Hotel, just upriver from Vic Falls. Rack rate starts at $860 per night, including breakfast...

...where we had drinks and watched the sun go down over the Zambezi.

The people at the village also have a good vantage point to enjoy Livingstone's beautiful sunsets, but I doubt breakfast is included.


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