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Sunday, November 29, 2009

So, Camping

We headed out Friday afternoon and met up with 3 other families. Eureka Camp is really only about 10 KM outside of Lusaka, but it feels like a much different place. Very peaceful.

Our neighbors in Lusaka (a colleague from USAID and his family), some of their friends from when they were in Rwanda, and another colleague and her husband were there, so we were 8 adults and 6 kids. A lovely group...and Sara and Dave were doubly courageous for joining us, as they were accompanied by Simon, their pug, and entered the chaos that is kids for the weekend.

Friday evening, getting dinner started.

Our neighbor, Ryan, makes a pretty mean bathtub beer, too, so we had a taste of his first batch of Lusaka home brew. A pretty good first effort. And as is neighbor, I intend to make myself available for any and all tests of future batches.

And dinner.

Dave did most of the cooking. He and Sara also shared their eggs, bacon and pancakes on Saturday morning, which was well-appreciated all around. This morning we broke out our new Coleman two-burner dual fuel camp stove. Unleaded gas. Worked like a charm. I think both Ryan and Dave are converts and will be picking up stoves for themselves.

Jack and his very own camp chair. And one of his good friends in Lusaka, his neighbor Maya. She's 5 so, you know, older woman and all that.


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