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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family bed

We do not espouse the practice of co-sleeping. For one thing, we never get a good night's sleep with a kid in the bed. But sometimes it's just easier to allow Jack in rather than guiding him back to his room, and it's easier to get Sam to sleep if he is on someone's chest.

As such.

Notice the king-sized bed and the distribution of bodies. It's not my fault, though. The kids demand their mother.

When Grammy and Boppa were in town, they took to the family bed concept too.

Sam has comparatively small hands. Who knew?

Jack is still a fan.

A friend mentioned that she read that since older siblings always hear "no, I can't right now because I have to do 'x' for the baby" that one thing that can create equality is to "tell the baby" that you are going to do something with the older child. So we tried it. Katherine and I were going to the park with Jack, leaving Sam at home with the grandparents and Katherine said, "now Sam, we're going to the park with Jack. You have to stay here." And Jack started crying and said he wanted Sam to come with us. Total backfire.
On the other hand, Jack did turn to Katherine the other day and suggest that when we go to Africa we leave baby Sam behind.


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