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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jack and Sam

Sam spent the first few days sleeping and not eating. He lost about 10% of his body weight. 7% is okay at Sibley hospital, but anything more and they start to worry that the baby is not eating, so losing weight and energy, no energy means sleeping all the time, sleeping all the time means no eating...and so on.

Anyway, so we started to supplement with pumped milk in a bottle. We start Sam on that, then move to the real stuff. It worked and he's now a breastfeeding star.

Anyway, Jack thinks it's pretty funny when Sam opens one eye, as babies are sometimes wont to do.

"He looks like a pirate!" said Jack. Then he proceeded to demonstrate.

Jack has been pretty good with the transition so far. He seems to like Sam, but he's having trouble with the concept that mommy is "fragile."

Yesterday, Jack suggested that laying on his bed might calm a fussy Sam.

When that didn't work, Jack thought that Sam needed a pillow...and maybe laying down with him might help. But that didn't work either, so Jack got back up.

The end result:

A study in contrasts...

You may also notice that Jack pretty much is always in a gray t-shirt that is about 4 sizes too large. This, he has decided, is his new soccer jersey. Before I arrived in DC Katherine bought some new sneakers for Jack. These, he has decided, are his soccer shoes.

When we were in Minnesota we went to his cousin Ben's soccer game, where Ben wore a large jersey. Jack wants to be like Ben.

Expect the gray Kabekona t-shirt often. He wears little else.


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