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Monday, June 08, 2009

Last Days in Kyiv

10 Days until Jack and I (Katherine) head back to the U.S. Hard to believe it is already time to leave Kyiv. We've been very busy getting ready for the movers (they arrive on Thursday), partying and picnicing.

Two weeks ago my dear friends organized a surprise baby shower for my friend Cecile and me Very fun, silly and delicious too. I was picked up on Friday morning by Nathalie and Odile and then blind-folded as we drove off to an undisclosed location.

Cecile and I guessing where we are....

The "how big is your belly" game. My belly now measures 8 1/2 pieces of Ukrainian toilet paper.

Last Sunday we had to say goodbye to our dear friends Claire, Gundo, Rose and Gaspar after a fun picnic outside of Kyiv. It was a tough goodbye since we've been good friends with them since we arrived. Jack keeps asking about Rose since he saw her almost daily.

Last week Jack had his very first sleep over party. Cece and Addie spent two nights with us. Jack had a hard time falling asleep each night knowing his friends were in the next room.

Last night we got all dressed up and headed out for a fun night at the Hyatt for a charity fundraiser for the Children of Chernobyl Relief and Development Fund.


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