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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Healthy baby goy

So Katherine had her 20 week checkup today. Don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but believe it to be non-Jewish, so goy kind of fits all around.

And it's a healthy goy. We saw the whole 3D ultrasound for the first time. Pretty cool.

Now it's off to the Dynamo - Shakter game (UEFA Cup semi-finals -- two Ukrainian soccer teams), then tomorrow we all go to Portugal.

I have it on good authority that swine flu does not exist there, or in the plane that we will be flying there.


1-1 tie. Decent game, and our seats were in the heart of the Dynamo fan club sections, which was entertaining. But now Dynamo is looking at a tough game in Donetsk next Thursday.

Sadly, we'll be sitting next to our pool at our house in Colares, Portugal, so we can't be there.


At 12:59 AM, Blogger FrazeeDK said...

arghhggh!! I feel like such a stuck in the mud.. I keep forgetting that you guys are on your 2nd "EL" tour.. Where are you going?? I don't recall you guys ever mentioning your onward assignment other than a comment about possibly going to Africa..
We'll be in the DC area August 09th-Sept 09.. We fly back to Bangkok on Sept 10th!! Let's get together Our cell 704-999-3009


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