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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Oh, yeah. Asia

So it's about 40 days since we returned from Thailand and Laos. We just downloaded the bulk of the photos on to our brand new laptop, so I guess it's time to share.

Our old laptop, purchased in 2003, was pretty much held together with duct tape and baling wire. When our 3rd power cord crapped out, our cheap external monitor started to fade, and the computer continually froze and/or ran slower and slower, we decided to upgrade.

Anyway, a quick trip back in time to late January, early February, and our lovely trip to Thailand and Laos.

We spent a few days in Bangkok, back at our beloved Emporium Suites, where we spent quality time poolside and out and about in the city.

Jack was a huge fan of the skytrain, and took any opportunity to ride. His penchant for licking the poles on the trains bothered Katherine. I just saw it as yet another opportunity to boost his immunity system in the long-term.

He was less enamored with Jatujak, the large weekend market. I had successfully avoided a visit there in our two years in Laos -- and many trips in Bangkok throughout. But Katherine convinced me with four simple words..."we won't stay long".

I was sold.

Jack crapped out about halfway into our visit to JJ. I envied him.

The beach was up next. We returned to Khao Lak, a long, lovely beach with a gentle slope into the water (perfect for a 2 year old unsure of whether he likes the ocean) about 80 KM north of Phuket that we visited in 2002 with Cob, Geoffrey, Ari and Jennine, back when we were all carefree and childless.

Khao Lak was devestated by the 2004 Tsunami, but they have rebuilt and things are generally back to where they were -- more developed, in fact, as larger, more upscale resorts have in many instances replaced the smaller bungalow operations that were destroyed.

Ayara Villas -- beachfront bungalow #2. Nice

Vone spent 5 days with us on the beach. It was great to be able to see her, and I think she was very happy to see Jack all grown up.

We spent quality time on our little veranda. There was a clay pot full of water to clean sand of feet and whatnot. It proved to be a source of continual entertainment.

And the beach. Fun stuff. Jack played in the sand for hours a day, and took to the water like a fish know.


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