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Sunday, April 05, 2009


While we spent most of our time on the beach or in the pool, we did take time out to do other things.

Highest on the list was our daily tuk-tuk rides. The tuk-tuks in Khao Lak weren't the traditional tuk-tuks we know and love from Laos, but they were fun none-the-less, and Jack didn't feel like we accomplished much in a day if it didn't include at least one ride.

Our friends Cliff, Courtney, Nicole and Mallory were with us on the beach. We took a trip to Phang Nga bay, an area full of limestone karsts, including James Bond island, made famous bby "The Man with the Golden Gun". We chose not to follow the hordes to the island as it basically is a collection of curio shops and not much more.

We hired a boat to take us around the bay for the day.

Jack liked it, but I think he may have liked the fact that he got a lollipop even more.

On the way back from Phang Nga, we stopped at a temple that is home to hundreds of monkeys. I assume that the monkeys live there in such numbers because the temple grounds provided a sanctuary from hunters back in the day, and the temple visitors provided a steady stream of food.
In any event, lots of monkeys. We got some bananas to hand out. Jack was a bit uncomfortable around all the monkeys, so Katherine and I fed the monkeys while he watched from what he considered a safe distance.


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