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Friday, January 02, 2009

What we've been up to

So not alot of updates in a while. We've been busy -- or maybe just doing things not worth reporting on.

Work has been busy as Ukraine lurches from political crisis to political crisis and Katherine and Jack have been busy playing guitar, playing in the snow and generally growing up (Jack, not Katherine. She's still very immature.)

So, a quick pictoral history of our goings on since Thanksgiving.

12 adults and 6 kids for Thanksgiving. Pretty crazy, but we were able to eat in peace...

...once we turned on the TV for the kids.

Jack got a belated birthday package from his cousins in Minnesota. Courious George books AND related paraphenalia. A big hit.

Katherine and her friend Cecile organized a gift drive for two local orphanages. They collected gifts for 175 kids -- then had two parties with entertainment, snacks, and gifts. Later, we went to a third orphanage with some embassy colleagues for another party with gifts and yours truly did a bang up job of being Santa. Jack was a bit freaked out when I took the santa suit off, but now he talks about it every day. Daddy beard. Daddy santa. Whatnot. No pictures yet. We left our camera at home that day.

Christmas cookies at Gundo and Claire's house.

We've been spending most of our evening free time listening to Green Day and playing guitar. But not just any Green Day - just the faster, harder stuff.

Merry Christmas!

Jack was excited to spend Christmas with Babba and Grandpa


At 10:00 PM, Blogger joan said...

I goofed in posting a comment, so will try is so much fun to see Grampa reading to that cutie Jack. I look forward to "playing with the train" photos as well. Happy New Year! Love, Aunt Joan XO


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