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Saturday, February 16, 2008

An afternoon at the park

It was 23 degrees and sunny today. We geared up and headed out to a park not far from the embassy.

A quick last drink of water and we were off.

We finally got the chance to use the sled that Diana and Alan gave Jack for Christmas. And he liked it.

We didn't go down hills that were too big, but he got a bit of speed going, even on the smallish hill.

After sledding, we toned it down a bit and did some teeter-tottering.

And spent some time gazing out of the playhouse window. Master of all he surveys.

Tonight I'm heading out with some friends to enjoy the Arsenal/Man. United match and about 48 beers. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate a belated Valentine's Day with Brunch at the Hilton, or Radisson, or some such place that supposedly has an incredible, and incredibly expensive, brunch. We're leaving Jack at home with a babysitter.

Our last fancy brunch was probably way back in May 2005 in Jakarta with Turner, MBP and Doug, and plenty of champagne, so I guess we're due to enjoy another one.


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